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I've released "Plastik", a Snow Leopard-only traffic lights pack.

For Snow Leopard (including dark-window apps like QuickTime, Pixelmator and FaceTime):
For iTunes:

Also, I've updated my Lion traffic lights for Snow Leopard, now with iTunes compatibility!
Go get 'em now:
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So stop the parties. I'm back.
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I'll update this entry when I have more Dribbble invites available to send.
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I've updated my Echofon mod. It'll work fine with v1.4.11 or later.…
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Let's get right to clear some points:

1. I was on deviantART vacation, so sorry for the late replies
2. There will be a new version of my Lion Traffic Lights for Snow Leopard, so stay tuned!
3. I'll release a new wallpaper pack soon. No photos.
4. OS X Lion actually sucks, don't switch if you take your work seriously
5. Yes, I've tested it and eventually bought it (betas, GM and the final release)
6. I became a brony, but that won't affect my skills or art tastes
7. Have a nice day, thanks for reading.
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Just got invited to Dribbble! :la: here's my debut shot:

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Seriously people, it's a goddamn beta, and it has tons of bugs and unfinished details/features :iconfacepalmplz: stop it! It's both stupid and annoying.


I'm talking about this.
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Hey watchers! Just wanted to let you know that I've organised my gallery folders. I made some icons to get rid of the default previews too.

Check them out!
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